Program Learning Outcomes
NoProgram Learning Outcomes: With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to
1 To demonstrate the knowledge of existing theories and follow the recent changes in international business and finance.
2 To describe and outline the instruments, practices, and institutions that govern the global economy and financial markets
3 To develop an expertise in international business operations and finance applications.
4 To design and conduct statistical analysis, hypothesis testing and econometric analysis in decision making processes of international businesses and research projects.
5 To use appropriate research methodologies to solve problems in business operations and academic studies.
6 To conduct an independent research project with a critical perspective.
7 To disseminate and publish the outcomes of scientific research in domestic international journals and conferences.
8 To attend the scientific conferences and make presentations about the related topics
9 To follow the latest developments in the disciplines of International Trade and Finance
10 To reinforce the quantitative and analytical thinking ability gained throughout the undergraduate level.
11 To use computer skills and information technology tools for an effective communication.
12 To perform effectively in team environment, and recognise and utilise other people’s contributions in group processes.
13 To demonstrate skills such as setting targets, motivating other team members and monitoring performance in order to continuously improve people and units being managed
14 To develop oral and written communication skills for an effective reporting in the global business environment
15 To employ ethical values to business and academic practices.
16 To combine and synthesize information from other sciences in an interdisciplinary way to improve the quality of the decisions