Program Learning Outcomes
NoProgram Learning Outcomes: With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to
1 Acquire systematical knowledge and understanding covering the emerging developments in the research area based on Master's degree qualifications in order to make original and remarkable contributions to the epistemological basis of the field of Architecture.
2 Achieve the necessary knowledge and understanding about the ethical principles underlying the norms and standards related to good practice in the field of research and publication.
3 Gain the knowledge and understanding about the latest developments in the interfaces between the research field and the other related areas and about the interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary research strategies, tactics and techniques used in these interfaces.
4 Develop highly specialized skills and techniques including synthesis and evaluation processes that are necessary to identify a problem in the area of research and / or innovation, to solve important problems, and to extend and reconstruct the existing knowledge or professional practice.
5 Present the highest level of competence and determination as an academic and professional figure, who can work independently and who is open to collaborations regarding the development of new ideas or processes, including research contexts.
6 Contribute to the technological, social and cultural progress in academic and professional contexts in a knowledge-based society.
7 Analyze, evaluate and synthesize new and complex thoughts that correspond to the highest level in the architectural research area, with a critical and dialectical approach, and also show the possession of operational interaction experience with the capacity of making decisions in the face of these complex problems.
8 Discuss and communicate verbally, visually and textually in the subjects regarding architectural research area by using a foreign language at least at a level of European Language Portfolio C1 General Level.
9 Contribute to the knowledge of the field by developing a qualified and publishable study based on a research constructed and conducted through academic integrity in the research area.
10 Decide and act relying on the knowledge and understanding of a wide range of social, cultural, economic and historical contexts, and support the development of social, scientific, cultural and ethical values, contribute to the solution of the problems and undertake an active role in decision making processes in the field of architecture.