Program Learning Outcomes
NoProgram Learning Outcomes: With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to
1 To establish theoretical background on actual practices in art and design.
2 To reveal innovative solutions for problem solving in art and design.
3 To improve receptive view in art and design and turn this view into practice.
4 To develop conceptual points of view and use them in actual practices.
5 To develop critical aspects on art and design products.
6 To develop practices merging different disciplines.
7 To improve proficiency in musical performance.
8 To develop an academic discipline for researches in art and design on academic level.
9 To plan production process of an art work a performance and materialise
10 To demonstrate necessary skillset in using a foreign language to communicate with foreign counterparts and follow worldwide developments in Arts
11 To recognize the significance of lifelong learning and employ these learning skills developed through this programme in other parts of life while dignifying cultural and social values.