Program Learning Outcomes
NoProgram Learning Outcomes: With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to
1 To produce effective decisions by interpreting dynamics of competition and markets, and organizational factors with scientific methods.
2 To recognize changes in the surrounding world compare and question indicators, interpret the data, make and support the decision made.
3 To recognize the significance of lifelong learning and be able to use the learning skills they developed in this program in other areas of their life.
4 To develop basic skills necessary for the application of information technology in business field and manage to use common computer package programs.
5 To implement the business knowledge and skills in at least one of the fields- production, marketing, finance, human resources, and accounting-,and interpret fundamental knowledge in related fields like economics, laws, sociology and psychology.
6 To identify an unmet need and take calculated risks to open up a business or will be able to transfer fundamental backgrounds of business functions into workplace settings.
7 To value to their habitats by generating value added activities to social environment, and demonstrating ethical and social aspects of business decisions and operations beyond legal requirements.
8 To formulate their strategies through successful project management and innovative problem solving skills.
9 To communicate effectively in oral and written base in multi-cultural business environments.
10 To be effective team-players in group studies and assignments by using group communication skills, where demonstrate leadership by the individual presentations.