Program Learning Outcomes
NoProgram Learning Outcomes: With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to
1 To produce effective decisions by learning how to approach complex situations from different angles considering the issue from different disciplines.
2 Develop advanced skills necessary to use specific computer software package programs in order to process data collected by using scientific methods.
3 Bring value to the current position of the participant in his/her organization through the provided business background and assignments that are applicable to day-to-day operations at work
4 Gain an understanding of business in different cultures and countries by participating in exchange student programs and having foreign students in the class from different cultures
5 Give the newly graduate participants a stronger start in the business career or give an opportunity to further develop managerial skills in the challenging business environment in order to promote to a higher level position.
6 Provide networking opportunities by having like-minded classmates from several firms in different industries.
7 Summarize and express the current situation of the company at least from the point of the department working for, formulate a SWOT analysis, and communicate the suggested ways to perform better, effectively in oral and written base.
8 Be considered as indispensible ‘key’ employees by showing commitment to their career, personal development and long-life learning principles besides the gained management expertise
9 Be effective team-players in group studies and assignments by using group communication skills, where demonstrate leadership by the individual presentations
10 Outline the subject, gather related data, conduct and report a research project/proposal individually by obtaining the skills in the process of completing the graduation project in the scientific way