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About the ECTS Information Guide


The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is a student centred credit system in which credits are calculated based on the student’s work load in a specific course. The system completely covers all forms of study related to the course (theory, practice, seminar, individual study, homework, exams, etc.), that a student is required to complete successfully to achieve the learning outcomes of the course. The European Credit Transfer System is the most important component of the Bologna Process adaptation in the Turkish higher education system.


In accordance with the goals of Lisbon Strategy, which was published in 2000 by the European Union, and the goals of Bologna Process that Turkey adopted in 2001; the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education aims to increase transparency, recognition and mobility in the higher education system of Turkey as a member country of the Bologna process by 2010. The National Qualifications Framework is a system in which the qualifications for the higher education in Turkey are recognized by the national and international stakeholders. Through this system, all qualifications in higher education and all other learning outcomes can be defined and associated with each other consistently.


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